Make a difference in someone's life
Make a difference in someone's life

You can help save lives. Assist us in providing support, medical care and supplies, and resources for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease and diabetes in Nigeria

Enhancing community health
Enhancing community health

We are helping people with SCD and diabetes live better through awareness programs and campaigns that help them learn how to manage themselves better

Improving quality of life through conscious efforts against sickle cell disease and diabetes

Mellamia Global Foundation is a private independent Nigerian philanthropic organization committed to improving the quality of life of Nigerians, by supporting primarily health and education interventions implemented by Not-for-profit, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) registered and working in Nigeria. The Mellamia Global Foundation is committed to fighting and raising awareness for Sickle cell anemia and Diabetes.

From educating communities on the realities of sickle cell and diabetes to supporting with medical care, medication and supplies; and also offering programs that help them learn how to manage themselves better, we are helping people with sickle cell disease and diabetes live better.

Our Vision

To contribute to building an environment, community where all citizens have access to affordable quality information, awareness about sickle anemia and diabetes

  • Spreading awareness and educating the general public about Sickle cell disease and diabetes, prevention and management

  • Support and empower patients and families having sickle cell disease and diabetes

  • Build an engaged network of partners and volunteers to make our mission and vision possible

How we help

Enhance community health care by spreading awareness, providing free medical services to grassroot / rural communities which lack adequate medical facilities to combat Sickle cell and Diabetes


We endeavour to find ways and methods to continuously inform the public concerning signs and symptons, treatment and life skills in hopes of increasing awareness and diagnoses


We provide social and emotional support and ensure that individuals diagnosed with sickle cell and diabetes receive appropriate follow-up services

Socio Psychology

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Being part of a support group is a proactive way to find support, help, tips, tool and can be part of an integrated approach to better management

You can help make a difference

Your donation will help save lives. Give today to help us fight sickle cell disease and diabetes across the globe