A healthful and mindful life requires support from others

When you, someone you love, or a family member has been diagnosed with any form of diabetes or sickle cell, it can be overwhelming. Being part of a support group is a proactive way to find support, help, tips, tool and can be part of an integrated approach to better management.

We are creating a safe space where anyone affected by diabetes or sickle cell disease can ask for advice, provide information, or simply learn from others’ conversations — without fear of judgment or stigma. Our goal is to improve higher quality of life and this may reult in part from the shared experience, social support, and empowerment people experienced from the social connections created in our community

Membership is open for diabetes and sickle cell disease patients, their family members and caregivers

Benefits of the Mellamia community

Better quality of life through shared experiences

Sharing mental health coping strategies

Encourages Better Self-Care Habits

Hearing other people’s stories and knowledge

Making connections with other people and even strong friendships

Encouragement on days you’re frustrated or feeling emotional

The Mellamia network

Other ways we help


We endeavour to find ways and methods to continuously inform the public concerning signs and symptons, treatment and life skills in hopes of increasing awareness and diagnoses


We provide social and emotional support and ensure that individuals diagnosed with sickle cell and diabetes receive appropriate follow-up services

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You can help make a difference

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